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No, The World really doesn’t revolve around the Delusional Nature of New York City and other Leftist enclaves …


Orwellian Mental Health Hazard  – Fatal Liberalism & Socialist Pestilence

Large metropolitan areas within The United States have rapidly become sewers, filled with liars, thieves, murderers, perverts and psychopaths, and many of those still hold positions of leadership and power. The aphorism that a fish rots from the head down certainly serves as a valid description here.

The anticipation of bad occurrences can have a paralyzing effect. If one expects people to break down, they may either give in more easily to these false prophets, or, out of hostility, feel boosted in their morale. Media outlets, press, radio, and television, are aware of their subtle responsibility as morale-influencing mediums. Some however, have rather nefarious influences and motives used specifically to manipulate social outcomes.  ~A. M. Meerloo, M.D.

As New York City’s descent into pre-Giuliani disorder and squalor continues, Mayor Bill de Blasio busies himself with left-wing causes beyond satire. This week he unveiled a “cultural plan,” which consists largely of threatening museums with budgetary cuts unless they bump up their “diversity” hires. The Big Apple’s museums are too “elitist,” said de Blasio. Never mind that most of these museums are indistinguishable from minority studies programs at local colleges.

It is impossible to visit a NYC museum without encountering PC exhibits of one kind or another. Indeed, those dominate most of their collections. It is hard to see how these museums could get any more “minority-friendly.”

In describing these museums as “elitist,” de Blasio is in effect saying that too many white liberals work at them. His “cultural” plan is just a political gift to the minority groups he needs for his re-election.

Incidentally, why did de Blasio name his son Dante? That appears awfully elitist and Euro-centric of him.

Dante is off studying in Germany, which de Blasio used as an excuse for his jaunt to Hamburg. He said that he needed to check in with Dante before joining the protests against capitalism and Trump.

The word on the street is that no matter how badly he governs he is assured re-election, owing to all the unions and minority organizations in his pocket combined with the absence of any well-organized and well-financed opposition. At the same time, he is widely, even feverishly, detested. Police officers regard him as the most dangerous jackass to run city hall. Their backs remain turned to him.

Were it not for security cameras, they say, crime in the city would go unpunished. The other day I was walking near Crown Heights in Brooklyn and ran into a retired cop. “You could walk these streets for hours and not see a police officer,” he said. “Under Giuliani, we were all over this neighborhood.”

Reeling from threats of litigation and stifled by PC guidelines, cops, he said, avoid interacting with potential criminals. “They don’t want to lose their pensions,” he said.

Last week a woman returning from church in Queens was sexually assaulted by five thugs. She tried to stop them by crying out falsely that she was “HIV positive,” but that didn’t work. The thugs, you see, had evidently gone through one of the city’s “safe sex” programs. Consequently, they restricted their assaulting to oral sex while one of the thugs darted off for “protection” from a corner store. The horrifying episode captured the hideousness of life amidst the ruins of a culture that prizes condoms over cops, a culture for which its greatest boast is that even its rapists practice “safe sex.”

Security cameras minus neighborhood policing translates into solved crimes but not stopped ones. In Giuliani’s New York, cops patrolled neighborhoods to keep the barbarians at bay. Now neighborhoods feel abandoned. Yes, security cameras inhibit some crime. But they won’t save you from determined criminals, and this poor woman ran into some. Initially, the thugs intended to rob her. But she didn’t have much on her, so they took her body and psyche instead.

The liberals of Hollywood would never make another sequel to Charles Bronson’s Death Wish. But de Blasio’s New York City cries out for one. The atmosphere of random crime that that movie evoked is returning with a vengeance.

[Byline George Neumayr]

21 July 2017
The American Spectator

“Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” Antonio Gramsci – Marxist – teacher of Saul Alinsky – teacher of Barry Soretero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, once acting president of the USA.

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