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Biological Hazard – Animal Disease Outbreak (highly pathogenic H3N2 ) Canine Influenza Virus: Texas


Published Date: 2017-07-30 10:40:37
Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Influenza, canine – USA (06): (TX) H3N2
Archive Number: 20170730.5214822

Date: 28 Jul 2017
Source: Austin-American Stateman [edited]

There’s a highly contagious strain of dog flu going around, according to KXAN. The news station reports that veterinarians are warning dog owners about H3N2, a highly contagious strain of canine influenza spreading through central Texas. Almost all dogs exposed to the virus will contract it, and 80 percent will show signs, Dr. Taia Lubitz told KXAN.

Vaccinations don’t completely protect dogs from H3N2, though the virus is rarely deadly.

“Signs of H3N2 are coughing, nasal discharge, decreased appetite, decreased energy, and fever in the more extreme cases. Dr. Lubitz says the dogs most vulnerable are ones that are constantly around other dogs. Avoiding places like dog parks, kennels, boarding facilities, and grooming facilities will decrease the chances of your dog getting sick.”

This isn’t the 1st outbreak of the flu. It also made headlines in 2016. Find out more about the virus and what you can do to prevent it.

[Byline: Eric Webb]

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[“Canine influenza [CI] or dog flu is a highly contagious respiratory infection of dogs that is caused by an influenza A virus. In the US, CI has been caused by 2 influenza strains. The 1st strain reported in the United States, beginning in 2004, was an H3N8 influenza A virus. This strain is closely related to the virus that causes equine influenza, and it is thought that the equine influenza virus mutated to produce the canine strain. In 2015, an outbreak that started in Chicago was caused by a separate CI virus, H3N2. The strain causing the 2015 outbreak was almost genetically identical to an H3N2 strain previously reported only in Asia — specifically, Korea, China, and Thailand. In Asia, this H3N2 strain is believed to have resulted from the direct transfer of an avian influenza virus — possibly from among viruses circulating in live bird markets — to dogs. Since March 2015, thousands of dogs have been confirmed positive for H3N2 CI across the US.” (

Healthy dogs can be vaccinated and should be if you must board your animal. There is a vaccine for both strains of the flu mentioned above. If the virus is circulating in your area, avoiding canine social activities (dog parks, play dates, interactions in the park, etc.) may help protect your dog. – Mod.TG

A HealthMap/ProMED-mail map can be accessed at:]

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