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It’s the Power stupid.


Corruption, and Greed, Fraud and Inquisition, Show Trials with Character and Physical Assassinations, Rioting and Uprisings,  Revolution, and Political Castration, Exile or Murder this makes them all sing.  For these are a few of their favorite things.

With that thought in in the forefront of this subject, we can see that throughout history no political party, group, clan, monarchy, cartel or other criminal organization has a monopoly on waste, fraud, abuse and corruption. Why is that?

Well, considering “political ignorance” is the first tool of all totalitarian cults and societies, we might could begin there, but at best that only leads to differing forms of forced philosophical suicide and at worst manipulative totalitarian mind control. As for the outcome, the means always seems to justify the end.

Of course, there is the fatal ‘tolerance’ necessary to assist in ushering in the slow but certain demise of empires, nations or city-states.

Most all corrupt authoritarians will agree:

And to gain or remain in power, they will spare no expense to take our freedoms and liberties away from the lot of us on “behalf of the common good,” or whatever their definition of ‘it’ is, or happens to mean to them, at the moment, in order to convince us that their deceit is indeed truth.

Strategically and tactically, they will simply rhetorically redirect themselves out of the equation until after they have taken control. Once they have engineered the consent to place themselves in power, they will almost always do as they please while overtly or covertly controlling the opposition through nefarious actions or psycho-social propagandizing.  They are fully aware that “a nation divided will not stand.” So, what better way is there to conquer and enslave a people?

This should come as no surprise. After all, these characters and actors are not only puppets to their masters, but also true believers in applying the Forer Effect. Neither is this a recent occurrence acted upon by the herd and mob mentalities of modern political individuals and their counterparts; No, it is a historical plague that has spanned the millennia since humans have inhabited the planet.

So, where does this ‘trail of tears‘ lead the opposing indigenous populations of ‘us’ during the ‘Anthropocene’ epoch?

Well, here and now, there is the usual Corruption of government officials; Cyber-terrorism, (mostly self-induced); Corporate cronyism to assist governments or despots with tracking of personal information; Politically induced terrorist attacks to keep the ‘War Machines running’; Asymmetric, Biological, Conventional, and Nuclear warfare to assist in population control; Identity theft and Credit card fraud to aid in funding the political parties and machines that run their criminal industrial complexes; Economic collapse at the expense of the populace but not the elite political classes. This of course is just a partial listing and more can be added as additional, more efficient exploitative venues and methods are shock tested and/or otherwise applied.

Even as new newspeak memes and subject-matter are being constructed, applied, filtered and distracted, politically corrected for cultural appropriation, and mind-washed and spun to meet the agendas of the multiverse, the ‘science is settled‘ and it is absolutely certain there will be political ‘climate change,‘ if nothing else.

Is it any particular one of the ‘seven deadly sins‘ that influence money buys and the perception of Power one obtains with such money? Or is it simply the gate that opens freely for any multitude of vices corrupt positions of power are mesmerized by and become addicted to?

Corruption shields corruption, and as usual it will vehemently show contempt for anything approaching the light of truth. Corruption, like destruction has no regard for anything other than protecting itself while debasing the people and destroying imaginary and perceived enemies as it hopefully distracts from the many other serious crimes that are being covered up, and being blamed on others instead of itself.

In essence, we find that for this perpetual politico-cultural circus, the show has always gone on, and the clowns continue to entertain. But no one is seen laughing as they eventually drown in their own blood, corruption, hubris, and final destruction.

“Unity, Peace and Harmony.” Well now, those are commendable ideals, except seemingly they are not so easy to apply, rationally or otherwise. Perhaps humankind is just not advanced, nor is it capable or ready enough to leave behind its primitive or primate states and evolve sufficiently to bring under control its baser instincts and the passion for self-destructive behaviors, including the amorous desire to annihilate itself.

An astute observation and lessons learned.

Speaking truth to power:

“Politicians are not born, they’re excreted.” — Marcus Tillius Cicero

Cicero was a Roman politician and lawyer and is considered one of Rome’s greatest orators, political philosophers and prose stylists. In spite of his political successes, his critical assessment caused him to be twice exiled and eventually declared a public enemy during which time, in 43 B.C., he was assassinated by the Second Triumvirate.

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