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Living in interesting times …


Caveat emptor

Anyone who has dealt with AT&T or has been one of their “Loyal” customers for many years, may have recently been experiencing the deteriorating and decaying quality of services the company is marketing and selling to unsuspecting consumers. The following Clark Howard article only touches the tip of the iceberg on those experiences.

Independently speaking, as a former “loyal” customer, we had to bear increasingly high levels of incompetence, ineptitude, rate increases, and outright abuse from this alleged ‘top notch‘ telecommunications company; with that it could be termed nothing less than a “consumer vampire.” Of course, it wasn’t always this way, or at least it wasn’t so blatantly in our face. But all  of that changed, and quickly.

If you happen to be a “loyal” AT&T customer, and ‘you like your service, you can keep your service.‘ It’s all up to you to judge the amount of hard earned cash you are willing to shell out for the quality of services and levels abuse you are actually receiving.

Not to worry, if there is a problem needing resolution, you can always call the AT&T customer service line, likely terminating outside of America, and wait in queue “due to high call volumes“, the issue may then, at least be partially resolved when a CWA laborer finally gets the shop steward’s approval to do the order, if it gets there (whenever that may be).  Surely, there is a profitable economical ‘reason‘ for all of this and/or any other quasi-nefarious cost-justifiable malfeasance.

As for our situation, we can only speculate and/or speak from our own experiences, some of which were nightmarish until we drove a stake through the heart of it and cut it’s head off.

Following is a short excerpt from the article.

Clark Howard warns customers away from AT&T/DirecTV

CBSNews report: AT&T and DirecTV offer customer no-service did some digging and has uncovered what appears to be a systemic problem with AT&T and DirecTV customer service.

According to CBS, one customer they spoke with signed up for a bundle of Internet and TV with AT&T and its newly acquired satellite service DirecTV in July 2016. Collectively, the two services were supposed to cost around $100 a month.

But the customer’s first bill was nearly twice as much and AT&T has been no help in fixing the problem. The customer continues to pay well above what he agreed to and its now 10 months later!

That’s just one example CBS cites of an alleged pattern in which AT&T and DirecTV do not honor their own promotions. In fact, the news network found thousands of similar complaints.

That prompted money expert Clark Howard to get in touch with AT&T and DirecTV to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

[Byline Theo Thimou]

23 May 2017

Interestingly a corporate merger is at hand and with that, AT&T Mulling Sell-Off Of Major Assets Under Turner After Time Warner Merger. Not surprisingly, CBS just happens to be one of those assets.

Too big to fail?

Corporate abuse Definition

Corporate abuse refers to incidents that involve unethical behavior on behalf of a corporation; a case of corporate abuse may be a scandal, fraud, or negligence toward the corporation’s employees and/or the local community. The issue of corporate abuse erupted in the US after energy company Enron filed for bankruptcy in December 2001 after a major accounting scandal.

First there was Corpocracy then Atlas Shrugged.

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