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Welcome to A Brave New Totalitaria


Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The new constitutional assembly assumed even more power in Venezuela by declaring itself as the superior body to all other governmental institutions, including the opposition-controlled congress.

That decree came Tuesday just hours after the assembly delegates took control of a legislative chamber and put up pictures of the late President Hugo Chavez, who installed Venezuela’s socialist system.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

Venezuela Assembly’s ‘Truth Commission’ Is Ready to Hound Opponents

(Bloomberg) A Venezuelan assembly rewriting the nation’s constitution is intensifying a campaign of persecution that already has sent opposition politicians into hiding, exile and prison.

President Nicolas Maduro said the constituent assembly, which on Tuesday declared itself the nation’s supreme political authority, will strip legal immunity from the national assembly that has opposed him. Members of the so-called constituyente plan to establish a truth commission that will function more as a tribunal than a venue that offers amnesty in return for healing testimony.

“The truth commission can try anyone,” Maduro, 54, said this week.

Residents talk of exodus from this cash-starved Venezuelan port

(CBC News) Even in his worst nightmares, Armando Rojas, a longtime business owner in the beach town of Puerto Cabello, never expected to see such scenes of economic struggle in Venezuela.

Against the backdrop of both political and economic turmoil that has worsened in recent months, the former playing out mostly in Caracas, Rojas has seen how hard times are affecting people in the once-bustling seaport, about 200 kilometres west of the capital.

“I never imagined it could ever get to this point,” says the businessman, now in his early 60s and with 15 years of success in his line of work. “It’s a disaster what they’ve done to our country,” referring to backers of a president who critics say is hurting business with his policies.

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Venezuela Muzzles Legislature, Moving Closer to One-Man Rule

The Final Surrender of the Socialist Programmed Human

What happens to the common man in such a totalitarian culture? How can we describe the citizen of Totalitaria? (Recall, Totalitaria is quasi-mythical country which has fully succumbed to the totalitarian process.) Perhaps the simplest answer to this question lies in the statement that they are reduced to the mechanical precision of an insect like state. They cannot develop any warm friendships, loyalties, or allegiances because they may be too dangerous for them. Today’s (virtual) friend may be, after all, tomorrow’s enemy. Living in an atmosphere of constant suspicion — not only of strangers, but also even of their own family – they are afraid to express themselves lest concentration camp or prison swallow them up.

The denizens of Totalitaria do not converse with one another. When they speak, they whisper, first looking furtively over their shoulders for the inevitable spy. Their inner silence is in sharp contrast to the official verbal bombardment. The citizens of Totalitaria may make noise, and utter polite banalities, or they may repeat slogans to one another, but they say nothing. Existing literature reveals that leading authors, among them H.G. Wells, Huxley, and Orwell, grow increasingly concerned about the ghastly future of the brainwashed human, trained as a machine on a standard of conformity. They translate for us the common fear of a socially programmed dystopian civilization.

In Totalitaria, the citizen no longer knows the real core of his/her mind. They no longer feel themselves an “I,” an ego, a person.  (See Ayn Rand’s Anthem) They are only the object of official barrage and mental coercion. Having no personality of their own, they have no individual conscience, no personal morality, and no capacity to think clearly and honestly. They learn by rote, they learns thousands of indoctrinated facts and inhales dogma and slogans with every breath they take. They become obedient pedants, and pedantry makes people into something resembling pots filled with information instead of individuals with free, growing personalities.

Becoming wiser and freer implies selective forgetting and changes of mind. This we accept, this we leave behind. Alert adjustment requires a change of patterns, the capacity to be de-conditioned, to undo and unlearn in order to become ripe for new patterns. The citizen of Totalitaria has no chance for such learning through unlearning, for growth through individual experience. Official oversimplifications induce the captive audience into acceptance and indoctrination. Mass ecstasy and mass fanaticism are substituted to deconstruct quiet individual thought and consideration.

People become herds — indoctrinated and obsessed herds — a mobocracy intoxicated first with enthusiasm and happy expectations, then with terror and panic. The individual personality cannot grow in Totalitaria. The huge mass of citizens is tamed into personal and political somnambulism.

It may be scientifically questionable to compare experiences gained from individual pathological states with social phenomena and to analyze the partial collapse of the ego under totalitarianism by analogy with actual cases of madness.

Nevertheless, there is in fact much that is comparable between the strange reactions of the citizens of Totalitaria and their culture as a whole on the one hand and the reactions of the introverted, mentally ill schizophrenic leadership on the other.

Edited excerpt from “The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing” (1956).  Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.

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