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Domestic Warfare and Assassinationisms, More Liberal Mental Derangement Effects – When microaggressions become Civil War…


If Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell had a son

If Michael Moore had a son

If Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell had a son: Anti-Trump Fanatic Executes GOP Committeeman

Anti-Trump Fanatic Executes GOP Committeeman Neighbor with Two Bullets to the Head — While His Wife Was Watching (VIDEO)

Mr. Carter’s speech and actions demonstrate an inability to tolerate views different from his own, leading to rage reactions. His words and behavior suggest a profound inability to empathize [with fellow Americans]. Individuals with these traits distort reality to suit their disturbed psychological state, attacking facts and those who convey them. We believe that the grave emotional instability indicated by Mr. Carter’s behavior and actions makes him incapable of serving safely as a citizen.

A West Goshen, Pennsylvania man shot his GOP neighbor twice in the head and killed him late Monday night.

Clayton Carter, (yet another product of politicized and polarizing media) is an unhinged anti-Trump fanatic, shot his neighbor twice in the head on his neighbor’s property.

Clayton Carter has anti-Trump signs sprinkled on his lawn. He has a history of arguments with his neighbors.

The victim G. Brooks Jennings, (a GOP committeeman), was murdered while his wife watched Clayton stand over her husband and shoot him in the head.

ABC6 reported:

A man is under arrest, accused of killing his next door neighbor in West Goshen, Chester County.

Police have charged Clayton Carter, 51, in the shooting death of G. Brooks Jennings.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Monday, police responded to the 300 block of Box Elder Drive for a dispute between Carter and Jennings about cursing and video recording in the back yard. Police said they were able to resolve that dispute.

Then at approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday, police say the neighbors got into another dispute. Carter told police that Jennings shined a light into his eyes while he was outside. Carter then allegedly pulled a car onto his lawn, shining the high beams of the car on Jennings’ property.

Carter then allegedly retrieved a .380 semi-automatic handgun from his house and confronted the victim again outside.

Officials say Carter shot Jennings once in the head, knocking him to the ground. Carter then allegedly stood over Jennings’ body and shot him once more in the head.

The victim was on his own property, police said…

Jennings’ wife allegedly heard the first gunshot, then saw Carter stand over her husband as he fired the second shot.

Police recovered two shell casings, the gun and a knife at the scene. One shell casing was located on Carter’s property. The second shell casing was found on the victim’s property, near Jennings’ body.

Carter has been charged with murder and related offenses, and is currently being held at the Chester County Prison.

Neighbor Brian Dougherty got emotional when speaking of Jennings.

“You don’t want to sound cliche, you see this on TV all the time, but he is probably the nicest, best guy I’ve ever met in my whole life. Really, seriously,” Dougherty said.

Police say Carter had disputes with a number of other neighbors, and even pulled a gun on Jennings during a past altercation.

Neighbors say Carter was a quarrelsome, argumentative man. Court records claim Carter had a history of disputes with multiple neighbors. His front yard was crowded with cars and hand lettered anti-Trump signs.

UPDATE: Jennings was a GOP committeeman.

-Byline Jim Holt-

09 August 2017
The Gateway Pundit (edited)

Consider, that if you are dealing with someone who has considerable money, political power, etc.,  you must realize that they probably won’t try to directly harm you themselves, but they will enlist or contract with a narcissist with a weak mind, and no moral or ethical compass to make the hit. Across the board, malignant personality types are cowards and will not expose himself or herself to personal danger if they can avoid it.  These people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous! But of course we know that if we watch the Mainstream Propagandist, right?

These types of repetitive actions should come as no surprise, when revered left wing thinkers like Noam Chomsky said that President Trump and the Republican Party represent a worse threat to humanity than ISIS; NBC news reader Lester Holt interrupted the President of the United States nine times in three minutes; some art professor announced that Republicans in Congress should be lined up and shot; and exactly none of the mainstream media players, from the New York Times to CBS and the Huffington Post, all of which had spent weeks enthusiastically berating Sarah Palin for suggesting the Republicans target a few House districts for election purposes protested repeated calls for Trump’s assassination or saw anything wrong with any of the rest of it. […]

When Leon Festinger and his associates undertook the work leading to their widely misunderstood and maligned theory of cognitive dissonance, their ultimate goal was to understand how forty million decent Germans and tens of millions in the rest of Europe could so enthusiastically support Nazi methods — and it’s their research on how cult members react to the unequivocal disproof of some central belief that’s important today — because the increasing calls among Democrats for violence shows that same process at work here as in Germany of the 1930s. […]

Thus the behavioral explanation for the fact that conservatives will generally accept electoral defeat gracefully whereas Democrats eagerly embrace hypocrisy, corruption, dishonesty and even violence to continue the fight by any means necessary is simply this: reality supports conservative belief, but pushes leftists down the slippery slope to the insanity of Trump derangement syndrome.  Reality forces them to continually choose between recognizing the emptiness and historical absurdity of their core beliefs or holding themselves hostage to those beliefs by escalating their commitment, no matter what foul means may be required to make reality conform to their fantasy.  –Paul Murphy, American Thinker. 2017/05/21

Perspectives found elsewhere:

What’s hell is wrong with the country? You just don’t get it, do you? You probably think it’s okay to handle terrorist attacks as though they were law enforcement problems. Now, when Americans start shooting and killing each other because of who they voted for and who won the election, you want to think the shooter is just nuts, instead of seeing it for what it is, a goddamn civil war in the offing. There’s been a change in the country. We are a divided nation. This is a very dangerous condition. Wise up.

Fear is a powerful emotion. The Democrats use it to their advantage.

To endure has nothing to do with exceptionalism. Nothing to do with victory. Nothing to do with crushing one’s enemies. Endure is what victims do. It is a place of few, if any, choices, as when one is a prisoner of war. And in a way, symbolically, isn’t that what we’ve become, (especially over the past decade)?


The Mass Media Cult Goes Pathological

Do you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

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