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Is Kim Jong-Un a Nancy Boy?


No need to clutter this entry with a large collection propaganda photos of North Korea’s mentally deranged despot, but the baby softness of Kim Jong-Un can cause one to wonder about the type of hormone therapy he/she has been undergoing. Surely transgender circus performers Bradley and Bruce and their sympathizers in congress can recognize those co-familiar traits.

Also – In the world of Primate studies it is noted, that Monkeys with smaller testicles roar the loudest to make up for their shortcomings when attracting females. Maybe they are trying to compensate for something?

What else could explain Kim(berlie’s) consistent off the wall blovated narcissistic behaviors?  Maybe America’s quasi-metrosexual Barry aka Barack has some of his abnormal insights to share. Now I’m not bashing women here, but any man who is married to an aging female and/or has teenage daughters, may well be familiar with PMS outbursts and menopausal rage moments. Perhaps it’s just me, but there does appear to be some eerie similarities.

Meanwhile, as North Korea relentlessly unleashes its Two Minutes Hate against America, the Orwellian reality is a recognizable manifestation straight out of 1984. All one need know is that the Party’s  ‘dear leader‘ is infallible and its one’s duty to love and never question “Big Brother” or “Sister” or whatever the case may be.

Anyway, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has once again vanished from public view for several weeks, one can only speculate why. Maybe he is completing that gender modification surgery Bradley wants but Bruce is afraid to get, and Barryack wishes he had, if he doesn’t. After all, analysts have pointed out that Kim has previously disappeared for lengthy periods due to an unknown “physical condition.”  Hmm.

As for tantrums, “throwing someone to the dogs,” is still used metaphorically in America rather that actually and literally being an applied method of getting rid of one’s political enemies, and besides it saves on anti-aircraft ammunition. As if deviancy isn’t enough, In ‘Lil Kim’s North Korea, electricity and food are scarce, and human rights are violated on such a large and rampant basis that the United Nations found enough evidence for the charges of a crimes against humanity trial at the Hague, which many are clamoring for. The crimes detailed in the UN report include torturing people by dunking them into tanks with needles under their fingernails, sexual assault of women attempting to escape, forced abortions, and starvation. One may wonder if this was a part of Kim’s compulsory education at the Marquis de Sade’s school for despots and dicktakers?

Finally, following the adage, “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.”

There is nothing wrong with the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, or so a senior North Korean official said during an extremely rare visit to the South, after rumors of a debilitating illness (?) or even a coup in Pyongyang.

Yes, this could be just another propaganda smoke-screen in the world of psycho-social diversity transformation, but one thing is certain, it’s all a matter of perspective, or not. In the meantime, ‘Lil Kim will continue to play with his Pyongyang as the world watches. Or not.

Unless, (s)he is singing ‘You Dropped a Bomb on Me‘ as North Korea is burning.

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