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The News: It’s whatever we say it is…


By now we should know… the media will most always sensationally describes ‘the report’ as something it usually isn’t. In fact, they actually believe telling people what to think and do is their job.

Car vs Bricks and Sticks

CNN  Reports – Car Runs into Crowd at “White Nationalist” Protest in Charlottesville Virginia  “Black Anything Matters Nationalists” unavailable for comment.

CNBC  Reports – Trump condemns violence at Charlottesville ‘alt-right’ rally, as car hits several counter-protesters

Update Spin: Information to be redacted and recycled as required to meet the agenda

The media chronically preys upon the public by labeling perpetrators any way they so desire. The more labels they can construct and propagandize, the more confusing it is to know who is actually the enemy. They are versed in Marxist Alinskyism and well know that in a race war people are born into their uniform. “Divide and Conquer” is usually the sociopathic motto of their puppet masters.

Breaking: Deranged liberal democrat, multi-deported illegal immigrant, etc., etc., attempts vehicular assassinations against crowd of people (insert politically corrected gender pronoun) doesn’t agree with.  Protests and rioting by CAIR, NAACP, La Raza, and BLM now referred to as racist nationalist gatherings. Said no news outlet ever.

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