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Applied Schadenfreude: You just can’t make this stuff up …



Applied Schadenfreude

Applied Schadenfreude. Image: via Express Newspapers. “Daily Star” All rights reserved.

British Woman Tackles Man Sexually Harassing Her, Then Pins Him And Rubs Her Breasts On His Face…

Bet he’ll never do THAT again huh?

The footage shows a young saleswoman handing out flyers in the street being followed by a man on foot.

All seems completely normal until she turns around to pin the man on the ground with her foot as she accuses him of pestering her in public.

A crowd of bemused onlookers watches as the woman berates the unidentified man on the pavement, telling him she is fed up of being “touched and sexually harassed while just doing her job”.

The alleged assailant pleads for her to stop, claiming he “was out shopping with his wife and has done nothing wrong”.

But as the man protests his innocence, the irate woman shouts: “I’m fed up of being treated like a sex object. Is it boobs you want?”

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h/t Weasel Zippers

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