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What’s cookin’? The Philosophy of War, and not the usual Politically Media-Corrected Commentary …


= Commentary and Opinion from elsewhere =

Kill Chain
“This military concept consists of target identification, force dispatch to target, decision and order to attack the target, and finally the destruction of the target.”

Even after all of the crimes the Clinton’s committed, the impeachment, the disbarment, the bombing of Serbia to take Lewinsky off the front page, the influence peddling and bribery at the Clinton Foundation, etc., they won a majority of the votes last election day.

The Clintons would be in the WH and in CHARGE of this corrupt banana republic, only one man could stop them, a man named Trump.

Obama committed treason at the highest levels actively working to dismantle the US military and give our enemies nuclear weapons.

They are still obstructing justice with the full weight of the executive branch agencies and media supporting them. This fantasy that the criminals in government will be taken down is childish.

History clearly shows that only a military supported purge which includes mass arrests, imprisonments, seizing of assets, and executions will put a dent in these still currently untouchable bastards.

I sincerely think Trump doesn’t have the stones to take the next step.

A hopelessly corrupt government cannot be reformed using the electoral or judicial process, especially when the corrupt government, judiciary, oligarchy and press are allied against reform and have a vested interest in keeping the corruption ongoing.

Time is wasting away, less that 300 days until the GOP loses the House, and then Trump is impeached.

Based on the treasonous actions by the FBI and other intelligence agencies that have been uncovered, Trump is well within his rights to declare a State of Emergency and go all Erdogan on the domestic enemy and the press.

The type of PURGE Trump needs to initiate is described below from Wiki:

“The 2016–17 purges in Turkey are an ongoing series of purges by the government of Turkey enabled by a state of emergency in reaction to the 15 July failed coup d’état.

After the immediate arrest of military personnel accused of making the coup attempt, arrests were expanded to include further elements of the Turkish military service, as well as various civil servants and private businesses.

These later actions, reflecting a power struggle between secularist and Islamist political elites in Turkey, which began to be known as a purge, affected people who were not active in nor aware of the coup as it happened, but who were alleged to be connected with the Gülen movement, a group which the government blames for the coup. Even the mere possession of books authored by Gülen may be considered evidence of such a connection and cause for arrest.

Tens of thousands of public servants and soldiers were purged in the first week following the coup.

For example, on 16 July 2016, just one day after the coup was foiled, 2,745 judges were dismissed and detained.

This was followed by the dismissal, detention or suspension of over 100,000 officials, a figure that had increased to over 110,000 by early November 2016, over 125,000 after the 22 November decree, reaching at least 135,000 with the 7 January’s decrees, and about 160,000 after 29 April’s suspensions and arrests.

In the business sector, the government forcefully seized assets of over 1000 companies worth $11 billion, on the charge of being related to Gulen and the coup.

By late 2017 over a thousand companies and their assets owned by individuals allegedly affiliated with the movement had been seized and generally such things as goods produced by such companies had become boycotted by the public.

The purges also extend to the media with television channels, newspapers and other media outlets that were seen as critical of the government being shut down, critical journalists being arrested and Wikipedia being blocked since April 2017.

Since early September 2016, the post-coup emergency state allowed a turn against Kurdish groups, most notably with the dismissal of about 12,000 Kurdish teachers and 24 elected mayors and arrest of the co-chairs of the Peoples’ Democratic Party and Kurdish culture for alleged links with the Kurdistan Workers Party.”

THAT is what “Draining the Swamp” looks like.”

All I see is all talk and no action.

Congressmen writing letters ain’t gonna get it.

Not that it makes any difference to the law, but most of these illegal “DACA” aliens were NOT brought in “through no fault of their own” as the lying democrats falsely allege. They were lured in by Obama’s illegal democrat voter recruiting campaign aka his unconstitutional DACA executive order.

BTW, we are not inhumane and do not wish to split up families. If they’re in the country illegally, deport the entire family, including all who chained-in after! (Obviously many have been here long enough to have applied for citizenship. Why haven’t they done so?)

Prosecute employers who recruit and hire illegal aliens!

Prosecute government officials who conspire to defy federal law by harboring or giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens, ie, sanctuary cities and states!


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