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Chipping and Tracking the Human Animal and Other stories


“Conflicts often occur over issues that are only false symbols of a much more profound problems.” 

Introducing the BFS Prefilled Syringe.
It’s time to improve how we inject medicines and vaccines. Ultra-low cost. Single-use safety. Rapid scalability.
BFS Prefilled Syringes are Ideal for Pandemic Response

Every year, some 14 million children around the world do not receive needed vaccinations. In addition, some 1.3 million people die annually from infections acquired when health workers improperly reuse syringes. Yet another 20 million people per year contract HIV, HepB and other blood-borne diseases in this same way. Fortunately, BFS prefilled syringes will enable national health ministries worldwide to cover more of their citizens on the same budget – all while improving safety by eliminating syringe reuse and cross-contamination of vials.

A Digital “Snapshot” for Every Injection.

Whether health officials are running a scheduled vaccination program or an urgent pandemic response campaign, they can make better decisions if they know when and where each injection occurs. With an optional RFID/NFC tag on each BFS prefilled syringe, ApiJect will make this possible. Before giving an injection, the healthcare worker will be able to launch a free mobile app and “tap” the prefilled syringe on their phone, capturing the NFC tag’s unique serial number, GPS location and date/time. The app then uploads the data to a government-selected cloud database. Aggregated injection data provides health administrators an evolving real-time “injection map.”

Not mentioned is the off-label uses of this application, or the inflated rates likely being charged for them.

For those who may be unconcerned with the facts, our medical records are already computerized. Before we leave the Doctor’s Office, a copy of our visit has been sent to the appropriate Agency in Washington, D.C. along with our prescriptions. And that prescription information is copied and sent to the appropriate Agency at our State Capitol. So, as this program is implemented, we can be assured that in some Government bureaucrat’s database the RFID number is recorded along with who it was administered to, the date, the time, and the location is all included in that data. Nonetheless, Smartphones, facial recognition, driver’s license, and other quasi-privacy information is queried on our behalf. So, how they identify or track humans is not the point. the real concern should be the global database and what it enables is the real point to be considered. And certainly if such a concern, if deeply investigated and pursued, will be labeled as some kind of paranoia attributed to “schizophrenia” and/or its influence based on a belief in conspiracy theories. But, isn’t this how disinformation programs usually work, anyway?

Are we aware that …

The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity. This alliance of governments, NGOs and the private sector will work to ensure that the technology development is informed by the needs of countries and individuals and that policies and standards reflect the latest technological innovations.  By coordinating funding for identity and channeling those funds towards high-impact projects, this alliance model enables diverse stakeholders – UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and enterprises – to pursue a coordinated approach and creates a pathway for efficient implementation at scale.

Here is the 15-page online ID2020 Alliance webpage, which everyone is encouraged to study, as its mission will become part of our future, and probably very soon, if it is not already in place.

But not to be too concerned, as mentioned, this method wouldn’t necessarily track us with anything in the vaccine itself, though it possibly could. Then again, this is not something new, and there will continue to be many that blindly follow any government method on anything, with unquestioned obedience.

Isn’t it an interesting aspect that — Nearly 300 Vaccines Are in Development; Research Focuses on Prevention and Treatment (2013)

So — What happens if you don’t want to comply with all the toxic vaccinations, etc.? Well, remember what the CDC did in 2016?

The “Spider’s Web” of Controlling Factors 2016: Understanding the CDC’s Power-grab Proposed Rule on Communicable Diseases

An Epic Rulemaking Comment Period Regarding the CDC’s Power Grab Ends October 14, 2016 – What Is Your Position About Its Infringement Upon Your Health?

Presently, it is obvious to many of us, there definitely is some apparent other agenda with regard to vaccines and their toxins, especially since the CDC exercised a hugely anti-Constitutional federal agency over-reach in 2016 when it mandated everyone be quarantined or jailed without legal representation for not taking vaccines and even fined up to $500,000!

Excerpts from some information originally posted in Blacklisted


Petition: We Call For Investigations Into The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity

At the forefront of this is Bill Gates, who has publicly stated his interest in “reducing population growth” by 10-15%, by means of vaccination. Gates, UNICEF & WHO have already been credibly accused of intentionally sterilizing Kenyan children through the use of a hidden HCG antigen in tetanus vaccines.

Congress & all other governing bodies are derelict in duty until a thorough and public inquiry is complete.

Controversial vaccine studies: Why is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under fire from critics in India? (2014)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has funded two entities that have played a key role in the immunization programme and are both under fire for conflict of interest.


The committee found that the objective behind the observation studies in India primarily was to collect and record data on the effect of the vaccines on the minor subjects. Another objective was to help the relevant authorities in India make an informed opinion on introducing the vaccine into India’s immunization programme. Providing a background, the report states that on June 1, 2006, American drug regulator, the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved the first vaccine — Gardasil — to prevent HPV. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), two HPV types causes 70% of cervical cancers. In the very same month, PATH embarked upon a large-scale, five-year project that involved observation studies, covering Peru, Vietnam and Uganda, apart from India.


According to the BMGF, the WHO, the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India have all recommended vaccination “as a proven and highly effective preventive measure for cervical cancer. “The project used vaccines that are licensed in India and that have been administered safely around the world tens of millions of times, preventing countless cases of cervical cancer illness and death,” maintains a BMGF spokesperson in an emailed response (see GAVI & PHFI create incentives…).


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has funded two organizations that over the past five years have played a significant role in the country’s immunization programme and are both under fire for conflict of interest. The organizations are GAVI (earlier known as Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), a global aid organization that specializes in vaccination, and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), a public-private partnership society that BMGF co-founded with the UPA government in 2006.

Activists allege that these two institutions have a working relationship with pharma companies. The main charge against GAVI is that it has representatives from pharmaceutical companies on its board while the PHFI accepts grants from pharma companies. “BMGF and GAVI are pushing the [vaccine] agenda with governments around the world, including India,” says Ritu Priya Mehrotra, professor of Social Medicine and Community Health and School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. The community health activist says the biotechnology industry was pushing more and more vaccines into India and that the health ministry was not ensuring that adequate testing was done before recommending their use in government programmes.

“We need to follow the precautionary principle when it comes to vaccines. We do need more vaccines…but we should ensure that enough time is given for research to prove the efficacy and safety of new vaccines. The vaccines that are to be brought here should also fit our epidemiological profile,” adds Mehrotra. Mehrotra adds that a network of people in aid agencies and the health bureaucracy were pushing this agenda. “They have the advantage of an existing medicalized mindset that believes vaccines are the perfect, safe, effective, low-cost solution for prevention of infectious diseases. There is ample evidence that this is not always the case.”

In recent years, the deaths of many infants allegedly soon after they were immunized with the Pentavalent vaccine, a five-in-one shot, has contributed towards anxiety around vaccines. The vaccine has been controversial in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Vietnam, too, where it was temporarily suspended on account of some reported post-vaccination deaths of infants.

Launched in 2011 in India, Pentavalent is a combination of five vaccines in one: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza type b (the bacteria that causes meningitis and pneumonia). The vaccine created a furore after many infants from across the country were reported to have died after the vaccination. A reply by the health ministry to an RTI application shows that the deaths of three infants in Tamil Nadu have “a consistent causal association to immunization”, which means the ministry confirms that there is a connection between the vaccination and the deaths. In all, 54 cases of deaths of infants who were vaccinated with Pentavalent have been classified as ‘adverse events following immunization’(AEFI), nomenclature that confirms the deaths have occurred soon after vaccination. (source)

Still, several other questions arise, for instance — Why is somebody in the Italian government calling for Gates’ arrest for crimes against humanity? And Why did Gates attempt to bribe the Nigerian government with 10 million dollars for permission to test the Nigerian people with his vaccines? And was turned down?

Not forget Bill Gates statement to help depopulate the planet by 30 million people, might also be taken as a veiled threat unless he was simply scare-mongering to increase the profits on his investments, or warning of a true cataclysmic-level bioterrorism event, be it false flag or otherwise. But at the Munih Security Conference held in 2017, the man who has been kicked out of India said that, “a genetically engineered virus such as small pox could wipe out up to 30 million people in less than a year.”

“Whether it occurs by the quirk of nature or the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists show through their models, a respiratory spread pathogen would kill more than 30 million people in less than a year.”


Modeling Human Cytomegalovirus-Induced Microcephaly in Human iPSC-Derived Brain Organoids

Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Fetal Neurotoxicity, Microcephaly and Mental Retardation: In Utero Brain Damage Caused by Toxic Solvent Exposure

The fetal trimethadione syndrome. (1975)

However, know this, vaccinations are not medications.

Conspiracy theory or not, these implications tend to loudly speak for themselves, and point objective issues that encompass subject ones,

Moving along — Now let us consider how digitizing our identity both physically and medically might work. Our identity and our compliance gives us a privilege. For instance, to own a valid drivers license is a form of cross-governmental identification allowing us the privilege to legally travel to various destinations. And if we lose that privilege, for any reason, we lose our liberty to legally travel wherever we want; on our own, avoiding the stresses and hassles of having ride crowed commuter buses or trains, or to being able to fly longer distances to any location we desire. So, are we still in need of adjusting that tinfoil hat?

Radio Frequency Identification(RFID): As far back as 2007 it was noted that as people start to rely on RFID technology, it would become easy to infer information about their behavior and personal tastes, by observing their use of the technology. To make matters more complex, RFID transponders at the time were too computationally limited to support traditional security and privacy enhancing technologies. This lack of information regulation between RFID tags and RFID readers could lead to undesirable situations. One such situation was unauthorized data collection, where attackers could gather illicit information by either actively issuing queries to tags or passively eavesdropping on existing tag-reader communications.

Other attacks include the unwanted location tracking of people and objects (by correlating RFID tag “sightings” from different RFID readers), and RFID tag traffic analysis (e.g. terrorist operatives could build a landmine that explodes upon detecting the presence of any RFID tag).

Though RFID is still a good application for some solutions and conditions, there is now the Internet of Things (IoT) that extends the range and can report various amounts of copious data with feedback solutions using ever increasing high speed data links.

The technology has advanced, but the purpose here, sinister or not, has further evolved, as well.

As Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

In fact  …

The reality of the event, the evidence of the conspiracy itself must be kept hidden from the American public at all costs. Of course, a small percentage of informed critical thinkers will never be fooled, but the simple fact is you don’t have to fool everyone all the time. You only have to fool most of the people, most of the time.

As we lose control of everything that’s actually important in our lives, the illusion of agency/control is a compelling pitch.  But what is this “agency” ?

Agency: agency is the degree to which an individual has the ability to make decisions about their life. To have agency means to have control over our life and the decisions that we make.

After all, it was revealed that the NSA improperly collected Americans’ call and text logs in November 2017 and in February and October 2018 – just months after the agency claimed it was going to delete the 620 million-plus call detail records it already had stockpiled. Should we wonder what else are they are collecting?

Corporations are using Secret Surveillance Scores to evaluate us. And who might they be passing this information to?

Here is the opening paragraphs from a documented complaint.

Major American corporations, including online and retail businesses, employers and landlords are using Secret Surveillance Scores to charge some people higher prices for the same product than others, to provide some people with better customer services than others, to deny some consumers the right to purchase services or buy or return products while allowing others to do so and even to deny people housing and jobs.

The Secret Surveillance Scores are generated by a shadowy group of privacy-busting firms that operate in dark recesses of the American marketplace. They collect thousands or even tens of thousands of intimate details of each person’s life – enough information, it is thought, to literally predetermine a person’s behavior – either directly or through data brokers. Then, in what is euphemistically referred to as “data analytics,” the firms’ engineers write software algorithms that instruct computers to parse a person’s data trail and develop a digital “mug shot.” Eventually, that individual profile is reduced to a number – the score – and transmitted to corporate clients looking for ways to take advantage of, or even avoid, the consumer. The scoring system is automatic and instantaneous. None of this is disclosed to the consumer: the existence of the algorithm, the application of the Surveillance Score or even that they have become the victim of a technological scheme that just a few years ago would appear only in a dystopian science fiction novel.

Well, that certainly could explain a lot.

“The ability of corporations to target, manipulate and discriminate against Americans is unprecedented and inconsistent with the principles of competition and free markets,” the complaint reads. “Surveillance scoring promotes inequality by empowering companies to decide which consumers they want to do business with and on what terms, weeding out the people who they deem less valuable. Such discrimination is as much a threat to democracy as it is to a free market.”

Is it any surprise then that — The Communist Peoples Republic of China’s government is currently implementing a social credit system to monitor its 1.3 billion citizens (China already has 200 million public surveillance cameras). Facial recognition technology and personal data from cell phones and digital transactions are being used to collect intimate details about people’s lives, including their purchasing habits and whom they socialize with.

The gathered data is used to create mandatory social credit ratings for every citizen. These ratings will score citizens’ “general worthiness” and provide those with higher scores opportunities like access to jobs, loans, and travel. Those with lower scores will not have access to those opportunities.

While the United States government has yet to reach this point, many companies already have, in fact, as mentioned in the complaint noted above, Consumer advocates are pushing regulators to investigate what they paint as a shadowy online practice where retailers use consumer information collected by data brokers to decide how much to charge individual customers or the quality of service they’ll offer. (source)

But it is probably prudent to remember we already voluntarily pay each month to be tracked via our cell phone and it’s IP address, and other identifiers, or our online computer activity, via the same method. What could be the concern behind a range limited RFID tag attached to a syringe that tracks our injections? Especially when our phones, as the personal surveillance devices they are, already provide real time data, observation and biometric recognition from two still cameras, a video camera, voice recognition from a microphone, and our location from an onboard satellite-linked GPS device, as well as the means to record of all text or email conversations, combined with our internet browsing history and adding to that, a list of all the information associated with our contacts.


COVID-19, the REAL-ID Act, and ID to fly (2020)

How the REAL-ID Act is creating a national ID database (2016)

claims to be an effective update to an aging “National Criminal ID Database” (NCIC) system to centrally track criminals, terrorists, and other unlawful individuals across the Nation? Whose “rights to privacy,” “security,” or “civil liberties” would this actually be infringing upon?  Or perhaps you’ve never noticed those surveillance cameras, using a Smart Phone, GPS, traveled internationally, by airline, or via public transportation in the post 9/11 U.S.A.

The REAL-ID Act is both building a national database and requiring any state that wants to issue drivers’ licenses or state ID cards that are “compliant” with the REAL-ID Act to grant all other states access to their state’s drivers’ license and ID card data.

The REAL-ID Act requires each state that issues any compliant driver’s licenses or ID cards to, “Provide electronic access to all other States to information contained in the motor vehicle database of the State” including, “at a minimum — (A) all data fields printed on drivers’ licenses and identification cards issued by the State; and (B) motor vehicle drivers’ histories, including motor vehicle violations, suspensions, and points on licenses.”

Both the Federal law and the regulations issued by the DHS to implement the law are silent on how this access is to be provided. In theory, a state could comply with the REAL-ID Act by setting up its own ad hoc database access arrangements with each of the 54 other states and US territories. In practice, that would be prohibitively expensive for any state, especially a small state, as state authorities who have looked into this possibility have concluded.

We may think those HIPPA laws protect our privacy too, yet the same uncertainty certainly persists. As an example, we go to the pharmacy to fill our prescription. Two lists are generated, one is a list of what medications were sold and at what time.The other is the list of IP addresses inside the store when the medicine purchase was made. Then, it is simply a matter of comparing these lists from other days and which phones were in the store during a particular time. Now it is known what pharmaceuticals ‘our phone’ purchased and how frequently those purchases were made. We can then be sent an ad for that medication just before we are about to run out. All without ‘violating our privacy

Anytime we receive medical treatment of any kind, our insurance company will have a record of every test, treatment and medications we were provided. As well as our name, address, occupation, Social Security number and so on and so forth. As a mater of fact, all that information goes on our “permanent record” and they’ll have it for a long time after our expiration date.

Hence, the injection ID is simply an initial rollout, designed to lull the people into the idea that their identity, and vaccination status, and civil cooperation level are enabled via coming global vaccination database tracking. Just like what is now being done in Communist China. Is it simply a prototype database concept that will usher in all the new technologies that are in the works, like Quantum Dot Tattoos, nano-bots and micro-tags, etc.? No doubt it all will be totally private, and never be misused, surely it will only have vaccination information and not any other information linked to it, We should just have faith and trust the government, because they are here to help us, right? As for tyranny, nope, not an issue at all, is it?

Is this system useful to the bureau-corruptocrats? It’s highly likely if there is potential lobbying profits to be made by selling us out to a globally controlled database. Not that social control is the issue here. But controlling our access to whatever they wish to control, wherever we are at the moment, and based upon whether our vaccination ID record is satisfactory to the government, all makes for a good plan. Doesn’t it? Besides, our important Medical Records won’t become a problem until we let tyrants have access. Will they?

“The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.”
–– John Adams, A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law.

Alas, Adams comment was before that power was given to the technocratic puppet masters in control of those manipulative technologies.Yet in principle, it is the same.

Most of us, at the very least, should be paying close attention to what is going on and what is being said about this subject matter, As we go forward, it is to our benefit if we consider what vaccines can and do  make some people react violently, unpredictably, and it some cases lead to their demise, only to be immemorialized and designated as faceless, nameless, and lifeless medical monograph statistics.

But surely such advanced technology would not be used for nefarious purposes, ya think?

“Tolerance applies only to persons … never to truth.” ~Fulton J. Sheen

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