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America’s State of The Delusion


Bevis Life Matters

To set the stage for the upcoming Comedy of Errors

Opined with much media fanfare and shared democratic verbal masturbation, their orgasm awaits the response from a highly abused American people.

The pre-show media warm up for America’s SOTU points out that As Ukraine fights for survival, CBS News is focused like a laser on the ‘war within a war’ on one (female impersonator) a transgender  dysphoric man/woman in Kyiv (video):

So, this gender dysphoric guy whines into his camera about not being accepted as a woman in Ukraine. Perhaps is he is just another drama queen hoping the homosexual agendists will airlift him outta there, after his whine is broadcast across the airwaves on CBS and gone viral on the internet. Why is this consider news? Think about that.

But CBS is not the only group pushing the falsification of biology agenda, as MI6 Chief Faces Backlash For Saying Ukraine War is About LGBT Rights  Priorities, are what is important, right?

Of course this is likely to be seen as a dire effect of the world’s most important crisis ever, Global Climate Change. For some reason, it’s strange that  a Nuclear Winter doesn’t properly fit the narrative.

One ought to consider the mind bending amount of time and money that is being wasted on such imaginary problems.  Like how much were American taxpayers required to pay for LGBTQ+ flags at all of  the American embassies across the globe? Think about this a moment.

Here are some optics from America’s Theater of the Absurd:

Standing before the cameras supposedly the most popular President ever, which is recognizably profoundly addled.  Sitting behind him are two women, one that if you returned her brain back to the reptile she borrowed it from, it could only crawl backwards. The second is a career government crone as old and just as senile as Biden is. This is America’s leadership on display. The Clown Show has begun.

Yet people wonder why Putin is making his move on Ukraine. Perhaps he’s seeing the weakness of the United States being projected by it’s so-called leadership. Putin has been telling aides over the last decade, that the US is not a “serious” country anymore.  Pointing out it’s moral decay by allowing gay marriage, transgender soldiers, woke mind control, etc.

This situation is deadly serious and these two women should be no where near any critical decision making.  If anyone happened to notice, after Putin put his Nuclear forces on high alert, Condelezza Rice was on media news, and she stated she was greatly frightened.  One could actually see the fear in her eyes. She was obviously shaken by the potential scenario, and her, of all women, to get this alarmed, was very surprising.  The media response on CNN also shows Dana Bash, on the verge of hyperventilating.

So here we are, perplexed why Putin is saying and then doing what he is saying. Some are making the comment he’s crazy and they overlook the idiocy brewing in their own country. What if Putin just keeps invading one country after the next in the region, and threatens them to either they fall back into line, or he’ll just let his Nuclear Forces launch. Is that black mail, or does Putin, like China, Iran and any other of America’s enemies clearly recognize America’s racing a weak horse?  What then?

And don’t forget, Biden is losing his patience with American citizens. Remember that?


Will Biden be taking Putin the Terrible behind the bleachers to teach him a lesson?

Surely the Ukrainian people would celebrate that, but here is the reality…

Biden: “Putin May Circle Kiev with Tanks, But He’ll Never Gain the Hearts and Souls of the IRANIAN People” (Video)

As for here in the U.S. Life according Joe Biden: “We have a choice, one way to fight inflation is to drive down wages and make Americans poorer. I think I have a better idea to fight inflation, lower your costs not your wages.”

After years of bashing MAGA, Biden stole the stump speech to introduce it. He rebranded his defunct Build Back Better as BABA and got seal claps for claiming he was going to get businesses driven off by government over-regulation and high taxes to stay in the US. This after Democratic administrations have historically and repetitively signed trade deal after trade deal that have driven industries out of the US and sent them to China, Mexico and other overseas venues.

The State of Biden’s Dementia — as usual he is delusional because he’s not going to be able to lower prices, he’s not going to be able to pass BABA, he’s not going to be able to keep companies in America. And he won’t get an immigration deal, especially after he’s opened open the border spigot to billions of Cartel dollars and millions of criminal illegals and sworn enemies. No amount of lecturing the agenda or vomiting false rhetoric will change the politically corrupt and lucrative narrative. Meanwhile, the important things for Americans, like energy independence, which would help actually the economy and strengthen our foreign relations, fall through the basement and mental cracks during his well coached senile presentation.

Experience does count and after two terms of Biden supervising Obama’s 10 trillion dollar albeit invisible shovel ready jobs, that allegedly went to spending on invisible infrastructure, one wonders why is there any infrastructure left to be rebuilt ? Perhaps adding curbs to all the roads and highways will help?

As Kamala and those like her must believe, the people got what they voted for.  Not likely , but it it good to note: In Biden’s whole corrupt career, he has never met a US battle he would not sell out to an American enemy,  (Seal Team Six for example). Yes, Biden’s warped views of national and economic interests speak loudly and are amazingly coherent in themselves. And that’s why Biden had the most votes of any American President ever; that is, if anyone might honestly believe that is the truth.


And just like that. The mask mandate Nancy Pelosi lorded over her members for years was suddenly lifted the day before the speech, showing that “follow the science” is a bald-faced lie, as is trust anything the government now tells us. 

WATCH: Bizarre Pelosi Rubs Hands in Glee as Biden Speaks of Troops Breathing in Toxic Smoke

In summary, here are 17 Absurd Lies Biden Told During His State Of The Union Speech

And now for an incredibly accurate rebuttal:  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Response to State of the Union Address 3/1/22

Later: More praises for the The Biden Administration’s Global Foreign Policy Experience in Afghanistan and other places purposely being unreported by the US media.

But for now we have a mentally incompetent, feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap…

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