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Now We See Through a Glass Darkly


This is a deeply heartwarming story about overcoming prejudice and learning that the people we are afraid are really… child molesters.

That’s how the media originally spun the story of Tanveer Hussain. Hussain was originally denied a visa, supposedly because of President Trump’s migration pause, to come and compete in the World Snowshoe Championships in New York. Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer sprang into action. Elise Stefanek’s office even supposedly got involved.

And a wonderful Muslim whom we had absolutely no reason to keep out of the country came to New York showing us how silly our fears were. Then he molested a 12-year-old girl.

The parents complained to the police. Khan, the other Muslim who was only allowed in because of the interview of the two senators, claimed that it was the girl’s fault. Because that is how Muslims view sexual abuse. It’s always the fault of the victim.

Also Khan claimed that Hussain had no idea that the 12-year-old girl was a minor.

“He is not aware that she is minor in first place,” he said. “We told him later that she is a minor. He doesn’t understand proper English, so he doesn’t know.”

How are you supposed to know that a little girl is a minor if you don’t speak English?

So the current excuses are that

1. It’s the girl’s fault

2. Hussain had no idea she was too young to molest because he doesn’t speak English

This is usually how most Muslim sexual abuse defenses go.

Village Mayor Clyde Rabideau, who had met them at last year’s championships in Italy and invited them to come here, reached out for help from New York’s U.S. senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Seventh-graders from Saranac Lake Middle School wrote letters to the senators on the Indians’ behalf. As their plight drew media attention here and in their home country, the senators contacted the embassy, which let the men resubmit their visa applications — and approved them.

Porcupine owner Fred Mazzeo offered them lodging free of charge and picked them up from the airport in Burlington, Vermont. Some restaurants offered them free meals. Rabideau started a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $1,600 in seven days to cover some of their travel expenses. Hussain and Khan spoke to the middle schoolers Friday and showed them videos of Kashmir and its winter recreation.

Yes, they introduced them to middle schoolers. They got seventh-graders to write letters for them. And then the inevitable happened.

Will they be held accountable? They certainly ought to be. Hussain and Khan come from a culture where the abuse of children is normal, where unaccompanied women are considered fair game and a religion whose founder married a 7-year-old girl.

It’s not a question of what they were thinking. The question is what were their sponsors thinking? If you bring a wolf into a schoolroom and a child gets mauled, is it the fault of the wolf or the man who introduced him into the classroom?

“I think all three of our federal representatives were on this, but the two I heard back from where the two senators (Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand). Schumer’s office was in daily contact with me, Abid and Tanveer and the New Delhi consulate. They really pushed this.” Rabideau Adirondak told the local paper.

Gillibrand tried to build her brand by claiming to have been sexually harassed in the Senate. Then she brought an actual child molester to America.

But Trump is the bad guy.

[Byline Daniel Greenfield]

Article. “Democrats Fought for Muslim Kept Out by Trump, Then He Molested a Little Girl”

05 March 2017

When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions. — Hamlet: Act 4, Scene 5.


Let us not forget, there is nothing “radical” about the historical norms of Islamic orthodoxy.  The behavior of these Muslims are completely in adherence with the teachings of the Koran and the Hadiths.

“Remember citizen, a dead body doesn’t cost much to the government. So do your part.”

Islam is a mental illness, no wonder progressive liberals identify with is so much. Self-hatred, suicidal loathing of ones culture and country, frenetic embracing of the most destructive social mores such as the propagation of normalization and now celebration of male homosexuality, abortion on demand, divorce virtually on demand, demonization of traditional parenting and the nuclear family under the rubric of ‘preventing child abuse’, and demonization of traditional heterosexual male behavior and historical figures such as Washington are all part of the demented and nihilistic universe of the progressive pseudo intellectual. Muslims expect to win because they believe in something and fiercely identify with it. They have the courage of their odious beliefs the only thing western elites have is cowardice, guilt, hedonism and self hatred. Unless the normal among us can figure out how to be the saving remnant and how to do what must be done our civilization is done. It may take a while for it to happen but those who believe in nothing are psychologically unilaterally disarmed when confronted with those who have any kind of supra-rational faith. ~An Opinion posted elsewhere

“At no point in history has any government ever wanted its people to be defenseless for any good reason.”

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